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For the current government advice on searching for archaeological finds (with a metal-detector, field-walking or mudlarking) in England during COVID-19 please see: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/guidance-on-searching-for-archaeological-finds-in-england-during-covid-19

Treasure 20

We’re celebrating 20 years since the commencement of the Treasure Act. Visit here to see what’s on show at your local museum!

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Staffordshire Hoard papers

The Staffordshire Hoard symposium papers have been published for all to access and edited by Helen Geake. The hoard's records are being added slowly to the database.

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Bronze Age object guide

Learn about Bronze Age objects, their form and function. This guide was written by Ben Roberts, Alessia Murgia, Emma Traherne and David Parker.

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Day of Archaeology

The Day of Archaeology project, documents what 1000s of archaeologists do as a career. Find out more.

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PASt Explorers

Get involved with the Scheme as part of the PASt Explorers project.

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Research in progress

The Scheme's database provides the basis of hundreds of research projects and has enabled the Scheme to gain funding for several large grants - Leverhulme and AHRC funding for instance.

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